2013-03-08 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Brain freeze from a slurpee was blamed for a five car pile up in Texas according to Jalopnik.

Salon takes a nuanced look at hook-up culture. It’s a culture? I thought it was a hobby.

Housewives, tranquilliser use and the nuclear family in Cold War America. Wellcome History have a fascinating piece on the first fashionable psychiatric drug.

Time reports that enhancing one type of maths ability with brain stimulation impairs another. My own experience is that it helps with spelling but not with grammatical.

What do museums of madness tell us about who we were and who we are? BBC Radio 4 programme Mad Houses is fascinating but no podcast because the BBC love the 20th century.

Futurity reports on a new study finding that the infant brain controls blood flow differently – which could have huge implications for brain scanning technologies like fMRI which rely on blood flow.

The oddly recursive Brain Awareness Day will happen on March 14th.

Retraction Watch covers a case of scientific fraud in studies on the response to reward.

New Neuropod. You know the drill.

Science News reports that heavy drinkers get extra brain fuel from alcohol. Like putting rocket boosters on a one legged donkey.

3 thoughts on “2013-03-08 Spike activity”

  1. Brain fuel article gives an ironic new twist to the idea of “the ability to do work”!

    The ice cream headache car crash sounds like a scenario in Mastaba Snoopy.

  2. Watching 1935’s “Charlie Chan in Egypt” to the other day (to my shame), I pondered the frequency in old movies with which the murdered scientist’s beautiful daughter is given a jab and/or pills to make her sleep. If this reflects real-life practice, perhaps it was part of a lead-up to the blanket tranquillisation of homemakers in the 50s. (Rather than fragile and wilting, the housewives were supposed to be relentlessly busy and cheerful, but the general intention is the same: get those awkward emotions out of the picture.)

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