2013-02-14 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

“Ever since I learnt about confirmation bias I’ve started seeing it everywhere”. Genius line from a Jon Ronson blog post.

The Dana Foundation research showing the genetic risk for psychiatric conditions can be seen early in development.

The fantastic Neuroskeptic blog has moved to Discover Magazine. Update your bookmarks!

Kurzweil AI reports on the latest generation of AI robots with intelligence developed by genetics algorithms. Check the creepy video. To the bunkers!

The Independent has a piece on why our memories are not always our own.

Micro hallucinations in the film Black Swan discovered by Cinematic Corner. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

The New York Times has an obituary for a little known industrial psychologist who has had a massive impact on our lives – he designed the telephone dialler.

New study finds that violence on YouTube is less common and less glamorised than on TV. Kittens also cuter, bases belong more to us.

The Atlantic covers the possibility of deep brain stimulation for Alzheimer’s disease.

“Embodied cognition is not what you think it is” An article in Frontiers in Cognitive Science on radical embodied cognition.

The Atlantic argues that economists need a council of psychological advisers to help with the ‘human being’ thing.

Will We Ever… Simulate the Brain? Not Exactly Rocket Science covers the billion euro attempt to not quite simulate the brain.

The Times Literary Supplement has a review of Oliver Sacks’ new book ‘Hallucinations’ by street-fighting Ray Tallis.

4 thoughts on “2013-02-14 Spike activity”

  1. ummm…


    should be

    “our memories area”

    the symmetry made me want all caps. seems more metal in any event, which is typically rad.

    BTW: frakkin love this blog, my man.
    thank you

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