Hallucinema Paradiso

The Barbican Centre in London has a Cinema and Psychosis event on the 17th March where we’ll discuss how the silver screen can represent the altered states of psychosis.

Rather than focus on ‘how films depict mad people’, which usually just involves appalling stereotypes, we’re interested in how cinema can depict delusions and hallucinations.

The event will include presentations by film folks, psychologists and people who have experienced psychosis – including the brilliant artist Dolly Sen.

I’ll be talking with psychologist and novelist Charles Fernyhough on how the psychology of psychosis is reflected on screen.

The full programme is here where you can also book a ticket. Otherwise, £5 on the door or free for the unwaged.

It’s part of The Barbican’s Wonder neuroscience season so if you don’t catch us there’s plenty of other great events in March and April.


Link to Cinema and Psychosis at The Barbican.
Link to more details of the Wonder neuroscience season.

One thought on “Hallucinema Paradiso”

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