2013-02-01 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Do amusing titles affect the perception of research? Some initial findings from Rolf Zwaan.

The New York Times celebrates fifty years of The Feminine Mystique. Feminist classic or Britney album? You decide.

Humans are flocking everywhere notes Wired Science. With a particular flocking tendency to get in the way on the London underground.

Providentia starts a three-part series on the Kinsey revolution in sex research.

Boredom explained in under 300 words by PsyBlog. Hey. Is that an aeroplane?

Aeon magazine discusses mourning and ritual. “The dead are no longer welcome at their own funerals”. Not sure why. At least they don’t get drunk and start a fight with Uncle Peter.

Dame Uta Frith. In the house.

The New York Post has an in-depth piece on the lucrative world of ecstasy smuggling. Refined, sublime, he makes you do time.

Historian Professor Barbara Taylor discusses her time as an inpatient at Friern Psychiatric Hospital. A location we’ve discussed previously on Mind Hacks.

Neuroskeptic takes a critical look at people who are mental health advocates putting descriptions after people.

A new study in Social Influence has found that flirting works better on sunny days. British history, in a nutshell.

If you’re following the replication carnage in social psychology: grants of up to $2000 available for replication attempts.

Neurocritic finds that the winner of one of the Association for Psychological Science’s top awards has a dark past in unpleasant gay aversion therapy.

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