Culture of the digital playground

Photo by Alex Washburn. Click for source.Anthropologist Gabriella Coleman has spent several years researching hacker culture, hanging out with coders, geeks and cypherpunks to understand the beliefs and boundaries of the community they inhabit.

If you want a flavour of what Coleman has been working on her interview in Wired is a good place to start but the best place to get the low down is in her book Coding Freedom.

You can buy it from your regular tax-avoiding online retailers but in the spirit of the culture it discusses it has been open licensed so you can download the full version online as a pdf.

Coleman is currently researching the culture of Anonymous and you can read a brilliant article by her on the revolutionary online chaos collective which has just been published in triplecanopy.

Expect more from her on this in the near future.

Link to Wired interview with Gabriella Coleman.
pdf of her book Coding Freedom.
Link to her article on Anonymous ‘Our Weirdness is Free’.

One thought on “Culture of the digital playground”

  1. That is one fouled up web site…very difficult to navigate….talk about over thinking a problem that didn’t exist.

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