A smoother flow

BBC Radio 1Xtra has just broadcast a fantastic programme about the rapper Scorzayzee who disappeared from the UK scene after, as it turned out, experiencing psychosis and being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

It’s a brilliant piece that not only tells the story of Scorzayzee but also cheekily tackles mental health in men – something which is rarely addressed in the media.

Virtually every documentary I’ve ever heard on psychosis is serious-voiced and worthy, while this is funny and engaging, with a fantastic sound-track.

One of Scorzayzee’s best known tracks is Great Britain – a brilliant angry push-back of a track that takes on everything from the economy to the Royal Family.

Apparently, Scorzayzee was paranoid when he wrote it but charmingly, in the programme, the BBC include a brief warning before playing it saying words to the effect of ‘please bear in mind that when Scorzayzee compared the Queen to Saddam Hussein, he was suffering the effects of psychosis’.

Thanks BBC.

You’ll be please to hear that Scorzayzee is now doing fine and makes a brilliant storyteller.

Oddly though, the piece is only online for seven days, so catch it while you can.


Link to ‘Scorzayzee and the S-Word’.

3 thoughts on “A smoother flow”

  1. You may be right Vaughan that depression is rarely covered in print media, but in the past couple of years, Marcus Trescothick, Frank Bruno and Ricky Hatton have all done BBC Radio interviews about depression / anxiety.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, it’s a terrific documentary!

    Just so you know, Scorzayzee launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week to fund his debut album. The Kickstarter video also touches on this topic.

    Search for #KickStartScorz

    All the best,


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