The great rock n’ roll brain scramble

It’s not often you see someone licking a brain in a rock n’ roll video and get to think to yourself “well, there’s a funny story behind that”, but this is one of those occasions.

The video for singer Candice Gordon’s new single Cannibal Love starts out as a TV cooking programme and ends in a cannibal cook-out with the brain as the pièce de résistance.

Oddly, I met Candice when I was living in Dublin when she came to a neuroscience talk I did in a pub. She was both interested in neuroscience and just starting out on her music career.

All these years later, she’s still interested in neuroscience but is now touring the world with her startling blend of big band voodoo blues.

In contrast, I’m still doing talks in pubs.

So kids, er… stay in school.

Link to Candice Gordon’s Cannibal Love video.

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