Come hell or high water

The New York Times has an article on New York’s suicide cops who are tasked with talking down potential ‘jumpers’.

If you want to read something that’ll restore your hope in humanity, give this article ten minutes of your time.

In Midtown Manhattan or the financial district, for instance, pedestrians are more likely to yell, “Jump!”; in residential areas, like Harlem or Brooklyn, where the would-be jumper might be a familiar face, residents will provide officers with information about the person. They will cheer and applaud officers who make a successful grab…

“Traffic was horrible,” Detective Keszthelyi recalled. “Everybody was yelling at me. New York is ‘Hurry up and move or get out of my way.’ ”

The 40-year-old detective tuned out the angry din and zeroed in on the man before him. “I’m not here to hurt you in any way,” he offered gently.

The detective asked the man’s story, what brought him out here, and a dialogue began. The man, in his early 20s, explained that he had no job and no place to live, Detective Keszthelyi said.

“You might seem like you are alone, but you are not really alone,” he told him.

You sir, are a star.

Link to NYT article ‘The Jumper Squad’ (via @rvitelli)

2 thoughts on “Come hell or high water”

  1. Police departments are understaffed. This is a good argument to keep our military troops home. If they could be trained to bravely mediate like this it could make them useful without sending them overseas.

  2. this is an ongoing debate i mean whether should army come back home and take charge or Police should be trained enough to cop with criminals but both have their limits they can’t go beyond that

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