East London brain cyborg

Graffiti of a brain-driven one-eyed cyborg found peering round a lamp post, just off Sclater Street in London’s East End, yesterday.

9 thoughts on “East London brain cyborg”

    1. Google Maps only lists one Sclater Street for the entire planet, so, yes: London, the original.

      Just as one newpaper is The Times without more ado (unlike the NYT, Times of India, etc.) and one country does not need its name on its postage stamps.

    2. I take it you’re American? In the US, it is correct to write ‘Paris, France’, but in the rest of the world, ‘Paris. France’ is redundant: one only qualifies if one is not referring to the obvious place. It follows that any unqualified use of the word *anywhere* refers to the obvious place (if it was by an American, it would not be unqualified).

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