Uploaded to the Life network

A fantastic short film about what you might see when your mind is uploaded to an online storage cloud in 2052. It’s subtitled “the Singularity, ruined by lawyers”.

The piece is by futurist Tom Scott who obviously sees the consciousness uploading business far more pessimistically than me.

Personally, I’m going to get uploaded to a linux server. It’s be completely free but won’t support all my mental states.

Yes, I’ll be doing software jokes in the afterlife. No, you won’t have to humour me.

Link to fantastic video ‘Welcome to Life’ (via @SebastianSeung)

2 thoughts on “Uploaded to the Life network”

  1. I loved it, although I don’t particularly like the concept of “Uploading”. It sounds like a rather precarious existence, not to mention that it’s not really immortality (it’s just an electronic copy of your consciousness).

    Personally, I’d be worried about the possibility of some technical error accidentally erasing thousands of Uploaded Humans. Or some jokers at 12Chan hacking into the servers and screwing around with the settings.

  2. Hi,

    You are disgracing linux. Who told you that linux is not supported. Linux is more widely commercially supported than windows. Companies like oracle, redhat, novell has linux comercial support as one of their core business. Since the business model of linux is different from windows doesn’t mean linux is not supported. In fact there hundreds of small player who provide support for linux. In windows world , you buy windows os and you get support as a part of the package since you paid for it. While in linux world, you get the OS for free and then if you need to support , you choose from the wide variety of vendors to support you. That is you can choose pay for support if you choose to.

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