A history of human sacrifice

A video on the history of human sacrifice is available from Science magazine as part of their special issue on human conflict.

Sadly, all the articles are locked behind a paywall but the video is free to view and has science writer Ann Gibbons discussing how the practice evolved through the ages and how archaeologists have been uncovering the evidence.

If you can’t stump up the cash for what looks like a genuinely fascinating issue there’s more discussion from the latest edition on the podcast where the science of racism and prejudice is explored.

Link to locked special issue.
Link to video.
Link to podcast

2 thoughts on “A history of human sacrifice”

  1. The content of the special issue actually seems to be accessible with free registration. I just registered and I can see full text. They even promised me a free T-shirt for signing up.

  2. **It was an eerie story about the children being led to the mountaintops. Speaking of human conflict, I’m surprised religious or superstitious factions do not question the archaeologists or bring up where the bodies “belong”.

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