A look inside digital humanity

BBC Radio 4 has just started an excellent series called The Digital Human that looks at how we use technology and how it affects our relationship to the social world.

It’s written and presented by psychologist Aleks Krotoski and the first two episodes are already online.

The first discusses the tendency to capture and display personal media through sites like Flickr and YouTube but, so far, the stand-out episode has been the second which discusses the presentation of self online and how much control we have over it.

I think it’s going to be a six-part series so there should be plenty more great stuff on the way.

Link to podcasts of Digital Human series.

9 thoughts on “A look inside digital humanity”

    1. Dear Scientist,take a human touch to be humans.we all live some years here and then believe what you want.

  1. Looks very interesting. Reminds me of Ray Kurzweil’s technological singuarity theory about how humans and technology will literally merge i.e. we’ll eventually have nanites in our bloodstream to do bodily repairs etc. Wonder if that will be a topic too?

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