Inside The Ailing Brain

The Ailing Brain is a fantastic documentary series on the brain and its disorders that’s freely available online. It has been produced in Spanish but the first part is now on YouTube with English subtitles.

The series is among the best neuroscience documentary series I have even seen (along with Susan Greenfield’s Brain Story – made before she lost the plot) with the first part tackling the science and effects of neural implants.

If you see nothing else, go to 6:10 to watch what happens when a patient with an implanted deep brain stimulation device to treat Parkinson’s Disease switches off the machine. It’s an amazing sight.

But if you’ve got 20 minutes, you’d be very well advised to take some time to watch the whole episode as it’s both wonderfully produced and utterly compelling.

There are three programmes so far although the second and third haven’t been subtitled yet. But if you understandeas español, you can check out the whole series here. The second part is on memory disorders and the third is on mental illness.

I’ll post more on Mind Hacks when the other parts with English subtitles appear. Wonderful stuff.

Link to ‘Refurbished Brains’ episode with English subtitles.
Link to whole series in Spanish.

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