Goodbye Colombia, for now

A few days ago I moved back to the UK after spending three years working in beautiful Colombia.

I had the pleasure of learning from some fantastic colleagues and managed to find myself working across the country from the Amazon to the Andes.

As a small and inevitably inadequate token of my appreciation I’d like to thank my colleagues in Médecins Sans Frontières from across Colombia, colleagues from the Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl and the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellín, as well as the many other fantastic mental health professionals who helped me along the way and tolerated my enthusiastic but ‘freestyle’ Spanish.

I arrived in Bogotá to find Alonso, a particle physicist, had organised ‘neurobeers’ which were both enormously good fun and full of fantastic folks. Much appreciated.

And finally, thank you to Shakira (who can now contact me at my British address).

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