Filming the rabbit hole

I’ve just managed to watch a few editions of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, an online documentary series about mind altering drugs, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the programmes.

If you think hearing about other people’s drug experiences is about as interesting as watching someone staring at the wallpaper, you’ll be pleased to hear that the series also delves deeply into the cultural and scientific background of each psychoactive substance.

The presenter, Hamilton Morris, investigates a range of drug related topics – from a piece on the legendary ‘zombie powder’ of Haiti to an investigation into psychedelic truffles, to the story of an ex-Goth stripper who got involved with the biggest underground LSD laboratory ever built.

In fact, the series is so good it even attracted the attention of The New York Times who wrote an article on the offbeat investigations.

Well worth watching.

Link to series (autostarts video, scroll for other editions).
Link to NYT story on the series.

One thought on “Filming the rabbit hole”

  1. I love the Sapo Diaries episode where he travels to the Amazon to find the frog that produces psychedelic opioids.

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