Before you hit the ground there’s a moment of bliss

I’ve just found this amazing bluesy hip hop track by George Watsky and the GetBand about having an epileptic seizure in front of a girl you’re trying to impress.

As well as being an astute observation of the experience of seizure it’s defiant, fast and funny and Watsky just rolls through the rhymes.

You don’t remember how the hell you ended up indoors
You don’t remember whether you were wetting your gym shorts
in front of Amanda, the girl you’re after
who already thought you were a fucking disaster
It’s not like a last will, it’s making me laugh
unless you get your next one while you’re taking a bath
I’m seizing the mic fast at middle school dances
I’m done being seized and I’m seizing my chances

Watsky notes on the video page that the track recounts the experience that led to him being diagnosed with juvenile epilepsy in 7th grade.

By the way, I found the video on the fantastic Art of Epilepsy blog that keeps track of epilepsy in music videos, film art and literature.

Link to video for Seizure Boy on YouTube.
Link to The Art of Epilepsy blog.

2 thoughts on “Before you hit the ground there’s a moment of bliss”

  1. Fantastic song, that trumpet adds to the rap style staccato as the swelling crescendo becomes hectic, and now I can’t, nor want to, really, get the words, ‘it’s all to much’ out of my head!’

    Yes, it is good. Thanks.

  2. This is also how I interpreted Joy Division’s “She Lost Control”, though I’m not sure what the original intent was.

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