Two crucial minutes

If you’ve got just two minutes to spare you could learn first aid to help someone having a seizure thanks to a video from Epilepsy Action.

The acting is a little stiff, if you’ll excuse the pun, but it’s two minutes of your time very well spent.

You’ll notice in the video that the bystanders make a range of common but daft suggestions (‘hold them down’, ‘put something in the mouth to stop them biting their tongue’) that should be avoided as they could endanger the person having the seizure.

It has to be said that well-intentioned bystanders can sometimes be more of a danger than the seizure itself. Unless the person is likely to fall into a fire, fall off a bridge or get eaten by lions, the appropriate steps are just to protect the person, cushion their head, check their breathing and stay calm.

You only need to call an ambulance if the seizure continues for more than five minutes or you know this is the first seizure they’ve ever had.

The video just focuses on generalised seizures (‘having a fit’) but there’s info on other seizure types further down the page.

The organisation who’ve made the video, Epilepsy Action are fantastic, by the way, and they have a service where you can phone, email or tweet them any epilepsy question from anywhere in the world and they’ll answer it.

See the details on the top right of the page linked below.

Apparently though, no, they can’t get me a date with Lauren Pritchard.


Link to first aid for seizures video and info.

5 thoughts on “Two crucial minutes”

  1. You rotten assholes, who wrote this document? Have you ever had a seizure? I hope who ever wrote this has a grand mal seizure and suffers from epilepsy for the rest of their life while everyone makes fun of them because YOUR article makes fun of epileptics “a little stiff if you pardon the pun”. Its NOT FUNNY. Only an asshole non-epileptic would make fun of an epileptic person. I and my friends have epilepsy, and we say youre an ASSHOLE!

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