Radio 4’s brilliant brain season now being scattered

BBC Radio 4’s Brain Season is in full swing, which, in typical BBC fashion, is both brilliantly conceived and chaotically scattered over their webpages like a drunken farmer chasing birds off his field with a seed planter.

A good place to start is the brain season blog post which lists all the programmes in the season and links to their programme page and separate podcast page (if one exists). It may or may not be being updated as new material comes online.

Probably the best of the season is the History of the Brain series of which five of the ten programmes have been broadcast at the time of writing and which are all available on a single permanent temporary podcast page.

You could go to the separate and unlinked programme information page that has a few more details and the streamed audio but I’d advise against it as it’ll only encourage them.

The one-off Mind Myths and Life Scientific programmes, the latter featuring neuroscientist Colin Blakemore, have to be downloaded from their respective podcast pages (here and here) but if you read try the page months after the broadcast date you’ll have to click ‘Show all episodes’ and scroll down to find the episode from the entire list.

The awesome looking programme The Lobotomists apparently won’t be released as a podcast at all, so unless you live in the UK and can catch it on the streaming service within the next two weeks, you’ll have to stick it up your arse.

We have no idea where the similarly awesome looking series Brain Culture: Neuroscience and Society will turn up after its first broadcast on November 15th. Probably the B-side of a rare 1973 James Brown recording that has only recently become available after copies were found in the basement of the original recording studio.

Radio 4 also has a page with interviews and profiles of some of the scientists featured in the series but you can’t find out which are specifically linked to the brain season so you’ll have to…


Link to brain season blog post page.

7 thoughts on “Radio 4’s brilliant brain season now being scattered”

  1. love living in the tree down the road… also yours? ah, well, i’m available in the youtube gardens to give “live concerts”… ah, the modern times of technology… us “burds” just love your garden… always interesting things going on in there!!! LOL!!! best wishes and keep us informed… LOL!

  2. The Lobotomists, while not available as a podcast, is streaming online. And you can access it outside the UK, at least you can if you’re in Canada. I never do understand the BBC’s decisions about what does and doesn’t get put up as a podcast.

  3. I’m glad I was not drinking milk when I read that first paragraph, Vaughan. Too funny. Do we have to hide our cursed American URL in order to watch?

  4. Radio is great. You don’t need a podcast, just Audacity (

    Set up Audacity to record, then start playing the stream. Simples! This way you don’t even need a dictaphone or smart phone.

    For me, get them all burned onto a CD and put them in the car. Me thinks it’s time to swap out my In Our Time CD I created. ๐Ÿ™‚

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