10 thoughts on “Neuro ears”

    1. Agreed. 😀 It would also be neat if the ears could swivel in the direction the wearer is listening, it would be a dead giveaway for eavesdropping.

      It’s funny how the man walks right by the woman wearing large electronic cat ears without even noticing. :p

  1. They should make these for dogs. Only instead of robotic ears, its a deafening alarm. And instead of concentration, it detects when my dog is about to crap on the carpeting. Better yet, electric shock. Yep, then my life would finally be perfect.

  2. I always thought we should all have a way to indicate to others when we are relaxed or concentrating without being notified ourselves (we can’t see our own furry ears). But I had long ago given up on cosplay being involved. Bravo!

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