Masters on the mind

Edge has just kicked off their 2011 Master Class with a fantastic course on ‘The Science of Human Nature’ delivered by an impressive line-up of leading cognitive scientists.

Princeton psychologist Daniel Kahneman on the marvels and the flaws of intuitive thinking; Harvard mathematical biologist Martin Nowak on the evolution of cooperation; UC-Santa Barbara evolutionary psychologist Leda Cosmides on the architecture of motivation; UC-Santa Barbara neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga on neuroscience and the law; Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker on the history of violence; and Princeton religious historian Elaine Pagels on The Book of Revelations.

The first part is already online, where Daniel Kahneman gives a fantastic presentation on the counter-intuitive psychology of intuitive thinking, while the others will appear in the coming weeks.

And as always, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear the details of the expensive and exclusive location where the talks take place, lest you worry that the science was being toned down by sub-standard canopés, or God forbid, a pub.

Link to Edge Master Class 2011.

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