Three Christs winner

Many thanks to all who entered our Three Christs competition and what a fantastic response we had.

The entries in the comments stretch from the bizarre to the philosophical to the profound and are enormously good fun to read. However we do have a winner.

In answer to the question “You’re working in a psychiatric hospital and suddenly everyone thinks you’re a patient. How would you convince them you’re really a psychiatrist?” the winning entry was from hat_eater:

Why do I have to convince them I’m a psychiatrist? It says so plain as a day on my admittance form.

Thank you very much and we’ll be in touch to organise your winning copy of The Three Christs of Ypsilanti.

There were many wonderful answers, some of them too long to fit in a blog post so do check them out, but here are a few of the shorter and wittier ones that caught my eye:

natselrox: “Explain to them that according to Godel, it’ll be impossible for me to prove my true identity in a system where subjects can only be either psychiatrists or patients.”

pete: “I would show them my country club membership.”

Kathy: “By not responding to the antipsychotics prescribed for me–’cos the real patients all do get better, don’t they?”

Darrin: “Just tell everyone to speak to my registrar. They will look after things while I’m at an important meeting.”

karen foley: “I would log onto the New York Times as a paying subscriber. While that may be crazy, only doctors can afford the rates!”

Bill: “Have them page you. Only doctors are crazy enough to carry pagers.”

Many thanks to all of you for the fantastic interest in the competition and many thanks to the New York Review of Books Classics for offering a copy for our somewhat odd competition.

Link to competition blog post with fantastic entries in the comments.
Link to details of the The Three Christs of Ypsilanti reprint.

4 thoughts on “Three Christs winner”

  1. I am a psychiatrist and not a patient because
    (1)the nurses do not call me “Darling”
    (2) When I make a pass at the nurses they take it seriously.

  2. Thank you. A prize won against such competition will forever remain one of my most prized achievements.
    And it’s a great read to boot. 🙂

  3. Looking forward to the three Prophet Muhammads contest that I’m sure will be coming soon! Ha ha! It’s hilarious when you can make fun of both psychiatric illness and one of the worlds major religions all at the same time.

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