Layers of the revolution

Revolutionology is an excellent blog on the uprising in Libya written by a PhD sociology candidate who has embedded himself with the rebel forces.

It’s not an impartial view of the conflict, as it intends to document the views and perceptions of the rebels, but it is full of insightful observations that reflect Libyan society and the fluid culture of the insurgents.

It has both serious analysis and sometimes funny observations, all with the keen eye of a sociologist.

This is a lovely example posted yesterday:

It’s 2:15 pm on March 31. We’re in a car headed toward the front, which is west of Ajdabiyah.

Muhammad, our driver, slips a CD in the car stereo. Arab house music comes on.

Joao, a Portuguese photographer sitting behind me, starts pumping his fist in the air to the beat.

Muhammad (in Arabic, to me): “Tell him not to do that, man.”

Me: “Why not?”

Muhammad, laughing: “The rebels will launch a rocket at us.”

Me: “Huh?”

Muhammad: “The fist-pump in the air — that’s what Gaddafi and his guys do. The rebels do this [he puts two fingers up in a “V”]. Stick with the two fingers.”

(Muhammad changes the CD.)


Link to Revolutionology.

4 thoughts on “Layers of the revolution”

  1. He has the narrative voice of Anthony Bourdain. (To be taken as a compliment – he’s actually a really good writer).

    Thanks for pointing out his blog. Impartial can be phony and overrated. I’d rather hear an insider’s view.

  2. Don’t let the blog lose its momentum!! Updates are each time less frequent, and I bet you have a bunch of regular readers like myself who are hungry for your regular content on a more frequent basis. Although this sounds like a complain, it is actually a compliment…

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