Unweaving the weavers

The Guardian has an excellent ongoing series called ‘Untangling the Web’ that examines the social psychology of the internet and how it affects our lives.

Written by social psychologist Aleks Krotoski it’s looked at everything from what effect the internet has had on out sex lives to how it has affected hate campaigns.

Rarely predicable and always informative the series is well worth keeping an eye on, with the latest column on disability being particularly good.

Link to ‘Untangling the Web’.

2 thoughts on “Unweaving the weavers”

  1. *Sigh I imagine if aliens landed and watched us interact online or drive cars, they would be convinced we were one species that needed to be wiped out – quickly.

    Great article by Krotoski, though. I know that when there was concern over kids and video games, some were comparing it to a crack addiction. One program(Frontline, maybe?) showed the odd brain scan of people online – I have to guess it’s not just anonymity that makes people behave that way. I think staring at a computer screen can be addictive and change our behavior.

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