Want to come up and see my sketchings?

The Royal Society of Arts has an awesome video that animates one of Steven Pinker’s lectures on ‘Language as a Window into Human Nature’.

It covers how we use certain implicit properties of language to negotiate social relationships – discussing everything from the cult film Fargo to why we try and seduce people with indirect speech rather than coming out and saying “fancy a shag”.

Delightful to watch and definitely 10 minutes well spent.

Link to animated ”Language as a Window into Human Nature’.

5 thoughts on “Want to come up and see my sketchings?”

  1. Thanks for the link.
    Absolutely adore RSAnimate, and Steven Pinker just rocks! This one was drawn a little more elaborately than previous ones I’d seen which I found a pity, but great visualization nonetheless.



  2. I remember seeing an application a little while back for creating sliding presentations in the RSAanimate style. I seem to have lost the link but if anyone knows what I’m talking about please do post it, I’d really like to use it.

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