The new year in sex and science

Dr Petra has her traditional review of the year in sex and sex reporting and makes her predictions for the coming year.

You probably won’t find a better summary of the sex and psychology highlights from 2010, with both the highs and lows of how the media managed their restless desires.

If you read nothing else, don’t miss this paragraph, because it’s not often that sex shops, the African country of Burkina Faso, a dodgy clitoris adoption project and a flying saucer cult get mentioned in the same breath:

April also saw the bizarre case of Clitoraid unfold. What began as a request via twitter and facebook to ‘adopt a clitoris’ soon was a more complex case involving a cult, unclear activities in Burkina Faso, and the support of sex educators and a sex store. A summary of the story can be found here, here and here. Many questions about Clitoraid still remain unanswered, and have caused rifts between sex educators, activists and health/development practitioners. This bad feeling was distressing, particularly since many involved were highly respected within the field of sex education and activism – and because basic respectful approaches to international practice were ignored.

Also don’t miss Dr Petra’s look back at 2010’s predictions and her look forward to what 2011 might hold for the world of sex and science.

And if you’re made of stronger stuff than me, you might even be able to recommend the article without making the obvious ‘crystal balls’ joke.

Link to ‘best and worse science and sex stories 2010’
Link to ‘sex and relationship predictions for 2011’

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