The cutting edge of a splitting headache

ABC Radio National’s Life Matters has a programme that’s full of fascinating snippets about the cutting edge of headache science.

It’s hardly the sort of material you’ll be charming your next date with, but there are so many ‘I never knew that’ moments that it’s definitely worth catching if you have an interest in the research or treatment of a pounding head.

For example, the programme reviews how Botox is being used to treat migraine, the introduction of a completely new class of headache drugs – the CGRP receptor antagonists, and how drug companies are marketing special body part specific medications for increased profit – despite the fact they all contain identical active ingredients.

It also covers how the added codeine in standard headache pills probably does nothing and why psychological treatment can be an effective way of treating even long-term persistent headache when drugs can seem to do no further good.

Lots more eye-opening facts and a plenty of discussion tightly packed into a 20 minute show.

Link to Life Matters on ‘Headaches: what’s new?’

One thought on “The cutting edge of a splitting headache”

  1. A friend complained that he feels he got a virus from visiting this page or one of the links on this page. Any other reports of this? I didn’t pick up anything.

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