Treating the most dangerous

If you only listen to one podcast this week, make it this one.

The BBC World Service Exchanges at the Frontier has a compelling discussion with Gwen Adshead, a forensic psychiatrist and psychotherapist at the high security Broadmoor Hospital, who discusses on working with some of the most dangerous psychiatric patients in the country.

I was left both moved and inspired by the programme as Adshead discusses the humanity in caring for those who may have committed some of the most dreadful crimes and how one works to rehabilitate those many people would consider ‘evil’.

The discussion doesn’t shy away from tackling the hard questions of forensic psychiatry, scientific and ethical, and you’ll find no better introduction to the sharp end of dealing with people may be both patient and prisoner.

There’s also an extended hour long version of the programme that you can stream online.

Humane. Challenging. Revealing. Enlightening. Genuinely unmissable.

mp3 of podcast.
Link to programme page.
Link to page with streamed hour-long extended version.

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