Neurosurgery simulated

Ohio State University have created a fantastic interactive web application where you play the part of a neurosurgeon operating on a patient who needs a deep brain stimulation device installed to treat their Parkinson’s disease.

When I first loaded it up and saw the cartoon-like style I thought it would just be a bit of eye-candy but it turns out to be quite a detailed guide to exactly how this sort of surgery is undertaken.

It’s great if you’re just curious, as there’s plenty to learn about the procedure, but even if you’re a neuroscience fanatic there are questions throughout the demo that allow you to flex your problem-solving skills.

I have to say, I learnt loads from it, and the best bit is where you get to hear the firing patterns of different areas as the recording electrode is inserted.

A cleverly designed and engaging bit of software.

Link to EdHeads deep brain stimulation neurosurgery demo.

6 thoughts on “Neurosurgery simulated”

  1. Really, really, really sorry about this but……
    According to the example image provided, it seems that the deep brain stimulation is working as there appears to be an erection coming from the subthalamic nucleus.
    …..again, sorry, I couldn’t help myself

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