Dopamine crystal method

A beautiful image of dopamine crystals viewed with polarized light.

Photo by Spike Walker for Wellcome Images. Click for source

From the description: “A polarized light micrograph of dopamine crystals. Dopamine is a naturally occurring precursor of norepinephrine that affects various brain processes, many of which control movements, emotional responses and the experiences of pain and pleasure. Dopamine receptors are especially clustered in the midbrain. The drug L-DOPA, used to help sufferers of Parkinson’s disease, is converted in the brain to dopamine.”

Link to Creative Commons licensed image at Wellcome (via NewSci).

3 thoughts on “Dopamine crystal method”

  1. Isn’t amazing that something this colorful is responsible for so many human’s physiological or psychological disorders.

    It’s quite poetic that what differentiates us from others, and regulates our emotions is so vivid.

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