Mindhacks.com revamp

Mind Hacks book coverWe’ve refreshed the engine of mindhacks.com. moving it to WordPress. This should only improve your viewing pleasure, giving us less server downtime and easier commenting. It also means that we can easily see the viewer stats for the site – around 5,000 a day, which is great. It also lets me see that there have been 3,930 posts on mindhacks.com, nearly all of which have been Vaughan’s. So, it’s a good time to say “Great work Vaughan!”, as well as many thanks to Matt for hosting up the site up to now. Matt, myself and Vaughan were managed through the move by J.D. Hollis who provided his expertise with good humour and dazzling efficiency – thanks JD!

Our new RSS feed is : https://mindhacks.com/feed and you can follow the blog on Twitter @mindhacksblog. Vaughan is @vaughanbell and I’m @tomstafford.

Thank for everyone who joins us here, and stay tuned for more on mind and brain.

14 thoughts on “Mindhacks.com revamp”

  1. β€œGreat work Vaughan!” You guys,are awesome. I cant explain, how much i had learnt from your blog, keep up the good work. I just wish, you good luck with your future endeavors.

  2. As one of your 5000/day I’d also like to say thanks to Vaughan for his fantastic posts. I’ve been reading for a year or so, and it’s one of the best blogs I’ve come across – I’ll be reading for as long as Vaughan contributes. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for the kind words folks

    Originally it was running Moveabletype on Matt’s Server, which was kind of cool…in 2004, but we hadn’t updated it since!

    Now it is hosted mostly on wordpress.com. And yes, it looks just the same, but that’s thanks to the hard work of JD. He’s managed to completely disguise the amount of change that occurred behind the scenes.

    We *could* do with a little design spruce up round here, so if any designers would like to lend a hand, get in touch!

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