Rebranding PSYOPS

Photo by Flickr user nukeit1. Click for sourceWired Danger Room reports that the US Military are thinking of changing the name of their Psychological Operations or PSYOPS units to ‘Military Information Support and/to Operations’ that has the forgettable acronym MISO.

Apparently the suggestion has not gone down well with the (dare we say) image conscious PSYOPS troops. Perhaps rather worryingly, one self-identified member is reported as saying “Some of us joined Psychological Operations because it sounded awesome for it‚Äôs name alone.‚Äù

Interestingly, the UK military’s PSYOPS service, 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group, seems to have pulled a lot of its material from the web. Despite the fact it used to have its own webpage (copy from it now seems only to be mentioned on a page on the Royal Navy website.

However, the Wired piece links to the ‘PSYOP Regimental Blog’ which has news about PSYOPS around the world and shop talk from US soldiers in the service.

Link to Wired on possible PSYOPs rebranding.
Link to the PSYOP Regimental Blog.

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