Square eyes are a window to the soul

A video streaming site called Documentary Heaven has, among other things, a stack load of high quality psychology documentaries for your viewing pleasure.

There drawn from TV so they’re a bit of a mixed bunch from the lamentable BBC series ‘The Human Mind’, to the excellent biography of mathematician and subject of ‘A Beautiful Mind’ John Nash and the simply sublime programme ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ on Friedrich Nietzsche.

The definition of psychology is a little bit wide, but there’s plenty of good material to check out. In addition, I’d recommend the remarkable ‘Dr Money and the Boy with No Penis’, the level-headed documentary ‘Psychopath’, an informative BBC programme entitled ‘How Does Your Memory Work?’ and a good piece on synaesthesia called ‘Derek Tastes of Earwax’.

Not all of the links work and some are clearly drivel (‘The Secret’? Mercy no) but there are some gems there and hopefully a few starters above. Don’t miss the ‘Older Entries’ link at the bottom of the page for more.

Link to Documentary Heaven psychology collection.

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