Charlie Rose Brain Series online and complete

The Charlie Rose discussion show has an ongoing series on the brain and all of the episodes are available online where some of world’s leading neuroscientists extensively tackle the big questions of the field.

I’m just watching the programmes at the moment and while they can seem a little stiff at times, it lovely to see neuroscience being discussed without being dumbed down but while key concepts are explained and explored.

The discussions are co-hosted by Charlie Rose and Nobel prize winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel and the seven shows so far have tackled The Great Mysteries of the Human Brain, The Perceiving Brain, The Acting Brain, The Social Brain, The Developing Brain, The Ageing Brain and The Emotional Brain.

Future shows include The Anxious Brain, The Mentally Ill Brain, The Disordered Brain, The Deciding Brain, The Artistic Brain and The New Science of the Mind, all of which will appear online just after they are broadcast on US TV.

A great introductory guide to contemporary cognitive neuroscience.

Link to Charlie Rose Brain Series.

8 thoughts on “Charlie Rose Brain Series online and complete”

  1. It is a pleasure to watch the brain series programs. In keeping with the quality of the Charlie Rose interviews I can feel confidence in the timeliness and authority of the statements presented by the Brain Series contributors.

  2. Interesting forum on the human mind! Quite unexpectantly, without a mission . . .the Author and Founder of Menstroika: A Foundation of Insight went inside
    and montors all minds. True Introspection is now available to all, a completely new science of mind.

  3. The Charlie Rose brain series is one of the most enlightening series on any station, but of course it is on PBS. It is a two year series – so far – and has covered everything from intention to addiction to Alzheimer’s to MS and next “Pain”. Eric Kandel, a Nobel winner, and Charlie have experts on the subject as well as average people that are experiencing the problem and how they are treating and dealing with it.
    I don’t understand everything they say, but record it to watch again or the complete series can be seen on It is a real treat for the mind.

  4. I have enjoyed the Charlie Rose Brain Series. I have bipolar disorder and have written a “screen story” about my time untreated and undiagnosed. I discovered that endorphins could control my illness during this period. My goal is to adapt the “screen story” into a screenplay with a $3000 grant from you. Please give my request careful consideration.


  5. Where can I download the entire series of Charlie Rose’s Brain Series, preferably for free?

    1. I am looking for Eric Kandel’s group on Blindness.I saw that interview and it was wonderful.I have someone close to me that is dealing with blindness and I would appreciate
      getting my hands on that material.

  6. I very interested in bipolar on today’s viewing and new film Touched by Fire. Neurological studies of brain, creative and twofold proprieties are “mixed blessing,” between the creative asset of such acuteness,t thus to total despair. These are some struggling elements to what is stigmatized to point where other quickly distance and fear. We have done by dishonor stigmatized.

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