Out on a limb

Photo by Flickr user joiseyshowaa. Click for sourceBarking up the Wrong Tree is a minimalist blog that posts some amazing studies about human behaviour.

If you were interested in whether taking out health insurance encourages obesity, which countries have the most emotionally distant people or how female-directed porn movies differ from male-directed porn movies the blog has found a peer-reviewed study to answer these and many other questions, many of which you never even thought of asking.

The author, Eric Barker, also posts some great stuff to Twitter on the @bakadesuyo account which is well worth following.

Link to Barking up the Wrong Tree blog.

One thought on “Out on a limb”

  1. Not sure I agree.
    Certainly there are some refreshing posts every now and then but overall they don’t have proper references, and if they have, it’s probably the only article with an investigation on the subject at question and with a doubtful methodology, typical of social studies.
    That being said, I find it a bit “sensationalist” and commercialized. Also the fact of its author appealing, recurrently, for a subscription at twitter or the blog itself, along with publicity to his own astore, left me thinking, unfortunately, of the blog as a cluster b ego trip.

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