Is this the boss level?

I’m just about to go to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Scientific Research in Learning and Education to discuss “What is the potential impact of technology, such as computer gaming, on the brain?”.

It turns out Baroness Susan Greenfield will be talking first, followed by me, followed by a discussion with all in attendance.

After forgetting my tie and having to buy one from Tie Rack in Waterloo station, I am all ready to go. I’ll upload my slides afterwards and will report how it went.

3 thoughts on “Is this the boss level?”

  1. Sadly, my favourite design with one black sheep among a flock of white ones is discontinued. I wonder if it would be appropriate for the occasion…
    It’s good to have you as a champion of reason and scientific accuracy, especially considering the history of the other speaker.

  2. Good luck Vaughan – I think Susan Greenfield may have a point, as I have (anecdotal) stories of internet addiction, World of Warcraft addiction, and erm, porn addiction. However, I would suggest that these behaviours might be as a result of an underlaying condition such as ADHD (think need for high stimulation) or depression (think not wanting to socialise with the outside world). Hence I think Prof Greenfield may have got her cause the wrong way around, even if the association is real.
    Doctors often get a sample bias with patients, in that people presenting to them already have problems, whereas millions of others are using these technologies (games, internet etc) without any apparent problems.
    That said I think team shooting games are quite addictive for young men, as they are stimulating in a way in which group hunting activities would have been in the past. But thats damn dirty evolutionary psychology!

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