Cognitive Daily has left the bulding

Cognitive Daily, one of the most established and respected psychology blogs on the internet, has just announced it has come to an end on the five year anniversary of its first post.

We’ve been fans of CD since, well, since they started as they kicked off only a few months after we did.

However, all is not lost, as both Dave and Greta will continue with their many online projects and there is a mysterious ‘new project’ soon to be announced (greatest hits? musical? concept album?)

What will we do with all that time we’ve freed up? Greta plans to continue her work as Professor of Psychology at Davidson College, teaching and mentoring students, conducting research, and sharing her love of music, literature, and art. Dave will continue as editor of and weekly columnist for SEEDMAGAZINE.COM, and he’ll maintain his personal blog, Word Munger and his obsessively-updated Twitter account. In addition, Dave’s planning a new project, to be unveiled within the next few weeks. Look for more information about it on Twitter and Word Munger.

Many thanks to you both for five years of fantastic psychology coverage on Cognitive Daily and we wish you all the best for future projects.

Link to Cognitive Daily announcement.

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