The chopstick: reloaded

The New York Daily News reports on a 14-month old Chinese boy who survived brain surgery to remove a chopstick that accidentally ended up in his brain after entering through the nose.

If your jaw has dropped, amazed at such a freaky and unusual accident, you may comfortably close your mouth – there is a surprisingly large medical literature on stray chopsticks that have become lodged in the brain.

In fact, there are no less than 13 published articles on this serious neurological condition. Here are some of the more notable ones:

A case of unusual difficult airway because of an intracranial foreign body of bamboo chopstick. [link]

Transoral penetration of a half-split chopstick between the basion and the dens. [link]

Transorbital penetrating injury by a chopstick–case report [link]

Intracerebellar penetrating injury and abscess due to a wooden foreign body–case report. [link]

Chopsticks and suicide [link]

Unusual craniocerebral penetrating injury by a chopstick. [link]

Link to New York Daily News on boy with chopstick in brain.

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