Psychology in the New York Times Year in Ideas

I really recommend the 2009 Year in Ideas review from The New York Times as it is packed full of developments in the world of psychology and social science.

If you’re a regular Mind Hacks reader you’ll recognise some of the ideas from experiments and studies we’ve covered during 2009, but there are many more curiosities that make for compulsive reading.

Probably the majority of the articles will be of interest to mind and brain enthusiasts but I particularly enjoyed Literary Alzheimer’s, Lithium in the Water Supply, Treating P.T.S.D. With Tetris, Cognitive Illiberalism, The Counterfeit Self, Drunken Ultimatums and to be fair, pretty much all the others too.

My only complaint is the short pieces don’t link to the original sources (suggestion for Year in Ideas 2010: inline links!) but otherwise if you like the sort of stuff we post on Mind Hacks there’s plenty to keep you occupied here as well.

Link to NYT Year In Ideas 2009.

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