Psychiatric tales

Darryl Cunningham draws amazing comics about psychiatry and mental illness, drawn from his time working as a student nurse on psychiatric wards.

His comic strip Psychiatric Tales has been regularly appearing online and he’s just posted the amazing and heartfelt last chapter along with an announcement that the series is to be published as a book by Blank Slate Publishing in February.

If you want to get a feel for Cunningham’s work, set aside some time and have a look at some of the piece at the links below – they’re well worth the time.

People With Mental Illness Enhance Our Lives

Dementia Ward



Cut and Delusions

Last Chapter

The strips are brilliantly written and drawn, and do something quite rare in discussion of mental illness – they manage to capture both the experience of people with psychiatric difficulties and the experience of the staff caring for them.

There are other chapters on his website so do go and have a look. Fantastic stuff.

Link to Darryl Cunningham’s blog.

One thought on “Psychiatric tales”

  1. Absolutley fantastic I to started training as a Psychiatric nurse and didn’t complete the course, I found my first placement too distressing in older adults dementia ward.
    I now work as a support worker, your way of depicting your experiences is just brilliant. thankyou

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