Neuroethics at SfN 2009

The world’s largest scientific conference, the Society for Neuroscience meeting, starts tomorrow in Chicago. Tens of thousands of researchers from all areas of neuroscience will meet to discuss all aspects of the brain. The conference always has a full programme of social events, as well as the usual scientific programme (I am still filled with regret about missing the ‘Hippocampus Poetry Slam’ the last time I went). If you are in Chigaco this year, one particular event you might want to check out is the Neuroethics Social, hosted by Martha Farah from the University of Pennslyvania

Neuroethics Social
Time & Date: Tuesday Oct 20, 6:30-8:00
Location: Room N139, convention center
Guests: J.T. Cacioppo J.D. Haynes J. Illes S. Laureys H.S. Mayberg E.A. Phelps R.A. Poldrack B.J. Sahakian
“Interested in the ethical, legal or policy implications of neuroscience? Come to the neuroethics social hour and meet others with the same interests. And don’t miss the short but spirited debate, between two leading neuroimaging researchers, on the proposition that “brain imaging is already capable of (something worthy of the term) ‘mind reading’.”

Martha is the academic director of the Center for Neuroscience & Society at U. of Pennsylvania and for the last few years has been running a ‘Neuroscience Bootcamp’ for professionals and graduate students in fields such as law, ethics and education who feel they need a crash course in modern neuroscience.

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