2009-07-24 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Neurological injuries from the accident-waiting-to-happen activity ‘car surfing‘ are covered by The Neurocritic.

Technology Review discusses an innovative new neurosurgery technique using ultrasound from outside the skull.

The University of Western Ontario has a list of ‘Top Ten Things Sex and Neuroimaging Have in Common’. I would also refer to Lord Chesterfield’s multi-purpose quote: “the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable”.

PsyBlog lists Mind Hacks as one of ’40 Superb Psychology Blogs’. Still no contact from Shakira, clearly shy.

The UK Government’s Cabinet Office release a remarkably good report on the psychology of crowd behaviour.

Psychiatric Times has an interesting debate on the validity of PTSD. For and against and still lots of political arguments.

There’s an excellent piece on madness and creativity on the Nou Stuff blog.

SciAm’s Mind Matters blog has more on creativity and the benefits of psychological distance.

There’s an interesting interview with Mind Wars author Jonathan Moreno over at the consistently excellent Developing Intelligence.

The New York Times has an obituary for influential child psychologist Sidney Bijou.

Speaking without Broca’s area was one of many excellent pieces on this week’s BPS Research Digest.

Health Report from ABC Radio National had a special on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Are British men useless at romance? asks Dr Petra as she covers a recent media friendly vapourware study.

New Scientist covers the case of a girl with half a brain who retains full vision. A visual cortex serving both sides of space has developed on one hemisphere only.

A new study potentially solves the mystery of why the problematic protein in Huntingdon’s disease is affected in only certain brain cells when it’s present throughout the body. Excellent coverage from The Neuroskeptic.

Psychology Today has a feature article by Jonah Lehrer on neuroaesthetics and the brain science of art.

The public place of anthropology and the problems with the meme theory are discussed over at Neuroanthropology. Also see their earlier critique of memes, probably one of the best ripostes to the idea on the net.

Ockham’s Razor from ABC Radio National has an interesting opinion piece on why medical diagnoses don’t always cut the mustard in people with complex health and psychological problems.

To the bunkers! Press release from robot company: “We completely understand the public‚Äôs concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population…”

Not Exactly Rocket Science covers research on the neuroscience of escaping predators. Like corpse feeding futurist robots perhaps?

Exposure to traffic pollution linked to reduce IQ in children, according to a study reported by Science News.

Neuro Times has a brilliant post on Nobel-prize winning neuroscientist Charles Sherrington’s classic The Integrative Action of the Nervous System’

The psychology of happiness or the psychology of saying you’re more happy? The Splintered Mind looks at the problem of self-reporting mental states in happiness studies.

American Scientist has an excellent review of two new books on embodied cognition and how our minds might extend to our environments.

“…staying in the parental home is a stronger risk factor for young men‚Äôs violence than any other single factor”. Conclusions from an interesting study covered by Neuronarrative.

Science News has a piece on how a spinal fluid test may help predict who will develop Alzheimer’s disease.

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