Sign O’ The Neuro Times

The Neuro Times is a fantastic new blog about the history of neurology written by a historian with a passion for the development of brain science.

The author is Stephen T Casper, whose own work has focused on how the US-UK collaborations and rivalries during the 20th century shaped our understanding of the brain.

Although the blog has a similar 20th slant it also casts its net a little wider making it a wonderful historical resource.

It has book reviews, profiles of influential neuroscientists from times past, and discussions of key moments and debates.

Excellent stuff.

Link to The Neuro Times (via @mocost)

2 thoughts on “Sign O’ The Neuro Times”

  1. In the past I used to see black and white photos of the “criminal” mind that looked like the one here. They also had the nervous system/spinal cord disection of the “schizophrenic” on display, as if it was a real disease.

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