Stylish psychotherapy magazine launches

Contemporary Psychotherapy is a new magazine dedicated to the practice of psychological treatment of all types and the current debates in this sometimes hotly contested field.

The first issue contains articles on the future of psychotherapy, CBT in North America, how psychiatrists deal with somatic or psychogenic symptoms and the challenges in conducting psychotherapy with asylum seekers, to name but a few.

It makes a good complement to the US-based Psychotherapy Networker magazine, it’s stylishly put together, you can download it for free as a PDF file, and long may it continue as it’s off to a brilliant start.

Link to Contemporary Psychotherapy with PDF download.

One thought on “Stylish psychotherapy magazine launches”

  1. Excellent recommendation; it seems a breakthrough for most psychotherapists: open-minded, stimulating, debate-oriented, and even stylish. I hope they keep up with the tone they have set; fresh air to me. Congrats for your blog and thanks for your job crawling the web!

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