The best of psychology and neuroscience on Twitter

Many thanks for sending or posting all your suggestions for psychology and neuroscience Twitter feeds to follow. After watching the streams for a few days, here are my suggestions for some of the best:

Probably the single best mind and brain Twitter feed I’ve yet found. By the author of the excellent Neurophilosophy blog. Diverse, regularly updated, fascinating.

One of the neuroscience editors for Nature, who used to write for the underperforming ‘Action Potential’ blog. However, he’s really hit his stride since moving on to better things and he posts a load of interesting material to his feed, including live updates from a recent conference. Has a slight neurobiological tendency.

The Association for Psychological Science’s Twitter feed focuses on new discoveries and association members in the news. The ‘members in the news’ posts usually lead to good articles but you’ll need to follow the link to find out what they’re about as it often doesn’t say.

Wonderful radio show that keeps going from strength to strength and now posts to Twitter. Previews of upcoming programmes and commentary from the programme’s switched on host Natasha Mitchell.

A Spanish cognitive scientist who blogs in Spanish but Tweets in English. A high signal to noise ratio and with only 15 followers at the moment, one of Twitter’s best kept secrets.

A Dutch psychiatrist who you may know from the blog of the same name. Links to interesting mind, brain and mental health snippets with the occasional bonus tweet in Dutch about, well… I’ve no idea.

A psychotherapist who often posts useful and interesting links to mind and brain news, as well as the occasional productivity and successful living tip.

Like being rained on with psychology and neuroscience content. A high volume, stream of consciousness feed, but luckily a stream with plenty of gold nuggets in it.

I have no idea who or what mentalhealthuk are, but they refeed pretty much every mention of mental health in the media to their Twitter account. High volume, but very complete.

I’m sure there are others that I’ve not discovered or who have been quiet since I’ve been watching, so I’ll post here when I find further gems.

Please note that the Mind Hacks feed @mindhacksblog just alerts you to new blog posts, but, after some weeks of trying to work out what the hell I’d do with it, I have started posting to Twitter myself.

You can find me at @vaughanbell, where I’ve essentially been posting mind and brain stuff I find interesting or curious. Not a great surprise I know, but hopefully it’ll be of interest.

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