Psychology and advertising

Here are links to some old posts about psychology and advertising. About three years ago I was writing a lot about this, and I just thought I’d collect them here:

Longer posts:

Is there a science of advertising?
Decoding adverisements
Cognitive psychology & advertising
Music wine and will
advertising influences familiarity induces preference
neuroscience and advertising
where do implicit associations come from?
Book review: Influence (by Robert Cialdini)
Does advertising erode free will?

‘Briefly noted’ and links

the price is right regardless of the cost
When choice is demotivating
Experimental psychology of advertising resources
Why can’t we choose what makes us happy
The Endowment effect and marketing
A quick and miscellaneous list of advertising links

Update: Book review of Ad Nausam, Sir Humphrey teaches questionnaire design

One thought on “Psychology and advertising”

  1. I’m a student from Ravensbourne College, reading degree level graphic design, and have been assigned a project for which i need to research and gather information from external sources. My question is ‘How can graphic design be used to influence/manipulate public opinion?’, I would greatly appreciate it if you would answer a few queries for me:

    What psychological tools (eg. use of colour) can be employed within graphic design?

    Would you agree that psychological tools such as use of emotive language and color design are a necessity to successful communication?

    How powerful can graphic design be in regards to shaping personal opinion?

    thank you for your time
    Oliver Donovan

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