Mind Bites

Mind Bites is a beautiful photography project by artist Will Lion which combines striking images with quotes from cognitive science research.

You can either view it as a Flickr photo set or as an interactive Flash gallery.

The image on the left is one of the more abstract pictures, but the full range contains everything from portraits, to landscapes, to still life photos – with the research quotes taken from studies on memory to hormonal influence on the earnings of lap dancers.

I can’t help thinking these would make great pictures to have in a psychology department which are usually adorned with faded conference posters and dull oil paintings.

The full set of Will Lion’s ‘Mind Bites’ project is both visually engaging and thought-provoking which is the essence of much great art.

Link to images as Flickr photo set.
Link to Mind Bites as interactive Flash gallery.

2 thoughts on “Mind Bites”

  1. As a psych major and photographer these images were very inspiring. It’s amazing to me how some people are able to take academia and relate it so easily to the rest of the world. Thanks for sharing. Great Post!

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