Encephalon 56 springs into life

The latest edition of the Encephalon psychology and neuroscience writing carnival has just hit the wires, if you interpret ‘just’ as meaning three days ago (sorry about that, I can only connect to the internet when sitting in the bathroom for reasons of signal unusualness). However, it’s being hosted by the excellent Combining Cognits and is ready for action.

A couple of my favourites include a post from The Neurocritic on a recent study on cortisol and anti-social behaviour and a piece from Sports are 80% mental on psychological momentum and winning streaks in sport.

There’s plenty more mind and brain writing, and good to see a few new authors in the latest run-down.

Link to Encephalon 56.

2 thoughts on “Encephalon 56 springs into life”

  1. That’s cool to have iNet access in the bathroom. Been following Mind Hacks for a couple of weeks now (CogSci major @ CSU Fresno), and I’m McLovin’ it.

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