Deep brain optimism

A list of things that deep brain stimulation has been used to treat. DBS involves surgically implanting an electrode into the brain which is stimulated with a ‘pacemaker’ like device.

I’ve just been looking over the DBS literature and I was quite surprised to see that it has been used to try and treat just about anything you can think of.

Maybe someone should try it for over-optimistic repetitive surgery syndrome? Anyway, here’s the one’s I’ve found, if you know of any others, do send them in or add them to the comments.


Writer’s cramp



Parkinson’s disease


Huntingdon’s disease



Cluster headache

Tourette’s syndrome.


Early onset pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration


Meige syndrome

Facial pain

2 thoughts on “Deep brain optimism”

  1. Although it hasn’t been published yet, initial results from a clinical trial of DBS for anorexia nervosa were presented at the International Neuromodulation Society meeting:
    Dr. Shock is always a great source of news:
    And for a futuristic view, here’s Christopher Harris:

  2. Re: DBS and anorexia nervosa
    This is also being studied in the US. I haven’t seen it published yet.

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