2008-10-03 Spike activity

A belated and backdated round-up of quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

SciAm Mind Matters has an excellent piece on ‘Metaphors of the Mind: Why Loneliness Feels Cold and Sins Feel Dirty’.

Socially isolated people feel physically colder, according to a new study covered by BBC News.

Seed Magazine discusses the recently famous photo of an “uncontacted” isolated tribe in the Amazon and finds they’re not quite as they’re portrayed.

IQ zealot and author of controversial book the ‘Bell Curve’ is the subject of a revealing piece by Frontal Cortex.

American Scientist has a good review of a new book entitled ‘On Deep History of the Brain’.

Under fire psychiatry researcher Charles Nemeroff resigns after revelations about failures to report industry cash-ins, reports Furious Seasons. Not a moment after the NYT finds more financial irregularities.

Not Exactly Rocket Science has an excellent piece on toxoplasma, the brain parasite that has curious character – and maybe culture – changing psychological effects.

Do we all have some synaesthetic ability? asks New Scientist on the basis of a genuinely fascinating new study that suggests we have.

I’ve got a list of links as long as my arm from the ever excellent Neurophilosophy which I’ll get round to waxing lyrical about soon, but in the meantime if you haven’t checked it out recently you’re missing out.

Trouble With Spikol on the legal changes that means America has made mental health care legally equivalent to other medical treatments and enters the 21st century (OK, the 20th, but it’s still a welcome move). Kinda ironically, it’s been tagged onto the recent US bill designed to bailout the banks and prevent a global depression.

Projection, fear, sex, Freud and evolutionary psychology (all vices I note) are covered in a heady post from Cognitive Daily.

New Scientist suggests Francis Crick was right about a possible ‘vision filter‘ in the brain.

The ‘BBC Prison study‘, a project based on Zimbardo’s famous Stanford Prison Experiment has a information rich new website.

Neuroanthropology has an interesting aside on ‘neuroprospecting‘.

A new study on the genetics of dyslexia is covered by Science News.

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