Neurowar report online

After some exploring of links, the ‘neurowar’ report we mentioned the other day is freely available online, albeit in a non-portable format that doesn’t seem to be displayed very reliably.

Some pages don’t seem to load and I assumed this was to restrict the online version but it turns out it’s just a bit badly set up. However, with a bit of patience and a few page reloads it’s quite readable.

The report makes links between emerging areas of cognitive science and the ‘Potential Intelligence and Military Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience and Related Technologies’.

If you want a slightly briefer summary, a pdf of the executive summary is also available online.

Why they just can’t release the whole thing as a PDF is still, however, a mystery.

Or just in pill form. They can do that, can’t they?

Link to online report.
pdf of executive summary.

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